Agile methodologies are becoming even more popular as large programs and entire companies pursue higher business agility and digitalisation. Focus is on business outcomes, value delivered and people. At the same time as teams are becoming empowered and self-organising people in classic roles like project manager, test manager, development manager, department manager find themselves in turbulent waters. With frameworks like Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) the classic project approach disappears and instead people are organised according to the business and capabilities needed to continuously deliver products and services to the customers. In other cases the project as a way of managing a portfolio is kept but the activities are still expected to be conducted in an Agile manner. Here is an example of how we map classic project management concepts (left hand side) to Agile principles (right hand side):


To effectively support organisations in becoming increasingly agile it is crucial that classic project managers understand how to use their skills and competencies in an agile manner. Together with Sju G. Thorup xqpf and BestBrains Academy, Safe Journey is offering a 1-day course to help project managers understand

  • how classic project management principles maps to agile principles
  • how classic project management responsibilities and activities are done in Agile
  • the typical new Agile roles and which Agile roles take over the various responsibilities of a classic project manager

The course includes a 30-minute coaching personal session. You can read more about the training course here:


Agile for Product Managers - September 3, 2018.

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