What is agile? What does it mean to “be agile?” How do we go SAFe?

We, at BestBrains Academy, always love to share our experiences and thoughts on agile methodology – Here you find a selection of blog posts, podcasts, videos and agile posters for free download

Podcast with Dean Leffingwell

Dean Leffingwell is the man behind SAFe and has formulated, practised and implemented the framework more than anyone else. Bent Jensen, a partner in BestBrains Academy, interviews Dean about SAFe version 4.5.

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The SAFe RTE podcast Episode 2 — Mikael Broome

In this episode of the podcast, Carl Starendal is talking to Mikael Broome from Stockholm, who as an RTE helping the company Elekta create medical equipment using SAFe/lean/agile to develop the software, hardware and firmware for one big integrated system.

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