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Continuous Delivery w/ Kristian Dupont

In this intro, we cover some of the demands and challenges that come with continuous delivery
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The agile methods of developing software have become so popular that they are more or less regarded as distinct.

However, if you want to run with a complete agile process, where the customer or the market continually has access to the latest features, it’s essential to make releases all the time.

It is easiest to do this by running continuous delivery, where the latest version of the code is automatically built and deployed each time you check in. in this intro, we cover some of the demands and challenges that come with, such as:

  • Version control strategy
  • Strategy for tests: unit, integration, end-to-end, etc.
  • Strategy for database migration

During this meetup, Kristian Dupont sets up a straightforward website based on NodeJS and show how CD can work in practice.

Practical info

Date: Tuesday, May 21
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Price: Free
BestBrains Academy
Prinsessegade 29A, 2nd floor 1422 Copenhagen, Denmark + Google Map
Phone: +45 71992872


Free event: Continuous Delivery

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Kristian Dupont has been developing software using lean and agile methodologies for more than 15 years. He has been consulting as a developer and a teacher/trainer for large companies but has a special love for startups where agility is a matter of life and death for the company and not just an admirable but perhaps slightly utopian goal. Kristian has solid experience with the technical and practical aspects of DevOps, continuous integration and deployment.

Kristian Depont
Technical developer and SAFe® Programme Consultant

Looking for more than just another Agile class?

Then you’ve found the right place. We want to take Agile training to the next level and believe that effective learning should be just as fun, interactive and inspiring as serious business and hard work. We’ve created a space, which is designed to meet the high expectations from our driven, creative trainers and consultants, and for you to feel comfortable, almost like home.

We are located only 2 minutes walk from Christianshavn Station and 12 minutes from Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) by metro.

Watch this video for more information.

Thank you for being such wonderful hosts – absolutely fantastic environment (+ delicious food) to support the learnings.- Sending my husband to the course asap!

Mia Golan