Kanban simulation

– Learn Kanban with Lego®

Learn your kanban tool with BestBrains Academy's Lego-simulation

Kanban is a tool for you that will help teams to measure and optimize on their existing workflows. Kanban shows how you and your team with small, continuous changes can achieve faster completion of tasks and minimize waste in workflows.

Kanban with LEGO is for you who believe that the best learning comes when combining theory with practice.

BestBrains Academy has developed a unique LEGO concept, in which the participants can get acquainted with the Kanban process. The activity requires both creativity, logical sense and cooperation, both in the individual teams and teams in between.

  • Participants will become more aware of what bottlenecks and constraints on ongoing work mean for a development process
  • There will be room to reflect on how Kanban can be used to strengthen cooperation in teams.
  • The simulation game is based on an assignment/task that can only be solved successfully if all teams work together and coordinate their tasks across.Combined with a thorough review of the principles, the LEGO simulation gives the best possible start to anchored the Kanban process in everyday life.The activity can be held as either a half-day, one-day or two-day workshop, with the possibility of follow-up training as required. Depending on the length of the workshop, the activity may include the setup of its own Kanban board in the organisation.

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