SAFe® simulation

– Learn SAFe with Lego®

Kickstart your SAFe rollout with BestBrain's LEGO simulation

Are you implementing SAFe practices in your organization and do you want to kickstart your agile teams with a fun and teambuilding experience? Then this SAFe with LEGO simulation is definitely for you.


  • Are you implementing SAFe in your business as the framework for big programs?
  • Do you want teambuilding activities to be used and integrated into everyday life?

Then a SAFe simulation with LEGO will be something for you.

Based on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), we have developed a concept that enables real-time scalable agile development to be tested by simulating a major agile development project.

Any questions? Just ask.


  • We build a vision for the product, and several teams plan and coordinate
  • We build one large coherent LEGO product, using principles and techniques from SAFe.
  • The simulation is based on a vision that can only be solved successfully if all teams work together and coordinate their tasks.

The session requires both creativity, analytical minds, teamwork and team collaboration.

The activity can last from approx. four hours to a whole day.

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