SAFe® 6.0 for Architects (S4A)


Enable continuous value flow by aligning technical strategy with business goals, communicating that strategy to development teams, and applying Agile architecture practices.

Attendees can improve collaboration and alignment in a SAFe Lean-Agile enterprise when they become a SAFe® 6 Architect. The SAFe® for Architects course prepares System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects to engage across the organization as effective leaders and change agents who collaboratively deliver architectural solutions. During this three-day course, attendees will explore the roles, responsibilities, and mindset of Agile Architects, and appreciate how to align architecture with business value and drive continuous flow to large systems of systems while supporting SAFe program execution.

Topics Covered


  • Exemplifying Lean-Agile architecture
  • Architecting for DevOps and Release on Demand
  • Aligning architecture with business value
  • Developing Solution Vision, Solution Intent, and Roadmaps
  • Preparing architecture for Program Increment (PI) Planning
  • Coordinating architecture throughout PI Planning
  • Supporting Continuous Delivery during PI execution
  • Supporting new Strategic Themes and Value Streams
  • Leading as an architect during a Lean-Agile transformation
Enterprise architects

Learning goals

To perform the role of a SAFe  for Architect attendees should be able to:

  •  ARCHs use of SAFe principles
  • Align architecture with business value
  • Develop and communicate architecture vision and intent
  • Plan architectural runway to enable delivery success
  • ARCH for continuous delivery and Release on Demand
  • Lead and coach others in same role and team members during Program Increment (PI) Planning and execution
  • Provide leadership during a Lean-Agile transformation

Any questions? Just ask

What is SAFe?

The SAFe Scaled Agile Framework™  is an increasingly popular approach for large-scale, multi-team Agile projects and programs.

SAFe builds upon the use of Scrum and XP by Agile teams with specific Program practices and roles for Agile Architecture, PI Planning and management of the Product Vision, Roadmap and Program Backlog.

If your are new to SAFe - start with our Introduction to SAFe and get up to speed.

Who will benefit?

  • System, Solution, and Enterprise architects
  • Experienced software developers
  • Technical managers making architectural decisions
  • Product leaders collaborating with the arch role

What will you receive

  • Attendee workbooks
  • Eligibility to take the SAFe® 6 Architect (ARCH) exam
  • One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform
  • Course certificate of completion
  • Attendees must attend all 3 days of the course in order to qualify for the exam.

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Coming SAFe® 6.0 for Architects courses


SAFe® for Architects 6.0 (S4A) (March 17-18-19, 2025)

This course is for senior technical contributors who need to understand the role of System, Solution, and Enterprise Architects in Lean-Agile enterprises. The course prepares the attendee to engage across the organization on collaboratively deliver architectural solutions.
Monday, March 17, 2025 @ 09:00 - Wednesday, March 19, 2025 @ 17:00

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