Today is the premiere of my new podcast series called “The SAFe RTE Podcast” where I will be interviewing practicing, real-world SAFe Release Train Engineers (RTEs) to learn about how they work, and how they actually go about facilitating the flow of value in a large organisation.

In this episode of the podcast I am talking to Håkan Löven from Stockholm, Sweden.

In our conversation Håkan shares his learnings on how you can help manage the dip that might happen after five PIs, how you can energise the PI-planning by dancing with the teams on your Agile Release Train (!) and finally the importance of building a dense social network across the entire team of teams.

Some of Håkans tips on how to be an effective RTE:

  1. “Go Gemba” yourself at the ART and embed yourself at times in the agile teams to be present in their daily work to learn from them.
  2. Give heavy focus to the Relentless Improvement from day 1, and let the I&A sessions guide how the ART evolves the way it collaborates and delivers value as a whole.
  3. Read the book “Tribal Unity” by Em Campbell-Pretty for inspiration on how to build and sustain an ART identity and build a strong social network at the ART.

The SAFe RTE Podcast

by Carl Starendal & Håkan Löven | Episode 1

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