Videocast by:

Bent Jensen Agile and SAFe consultant

Bent Jensen
Agile leadership coach and SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC)



Yuri Malishenko
Agile coach and visual practitioner


In this videocast, BestBrains Academy Partner Bent Jensen, and Visual Practitioner Yuri Malishenko, discuss the concept of broken meetings.

Meetings are a necessary and important part of working agile so why is it that meetings end up feeling quite dull, not to talk about a waste of time.

We should aim at making future meetings  shorter, more joyful and more productive and in this videocast, Yuri and Bent investigate how to do exactly that.



If you want to read more about how to how to quit the lousy meeting culture and make your meetings in your organization more productive and fun, please also check out Bent Jensen’s post: How to improve your meetings as a Scrum Master

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