Agile coach and SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC)

Jesper Thaning has been helping organizations adopting lean and agile methods for the last 14 years.
The experience covers the whole journey from idea to running code through conceptualization, prioritization, refinement, development, test, continuous integration and deployment. Jesper has trained and coached a large number of teams and organizations on how to apply agile principles to their specific situation. He has recent years focused a lot on the collaboration between business and IT-development – helping organizations to benefit from lean and agile methods through effective product ownership. 

Email: Phone: +45 60820706


Business Agility Coach and SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC)

Heidi Hedegaard Kristensen is a Business Agility & Leadership Coach with a passion for helping people thrive.
She was one of the first to introduce scrum in the banking industry almost two decades ago. Followed by acknowledging the need for scaling agile and doing so without compromising the agile values.
With a technical background combined with a vast amount of leadership experience in Large Enterprises, Heidi has an eye for what it takes to achieve business agility. How to implement the changes required to help Businesses succeed and People to thrive.


Bent Jensen Agile and SAFe consultant

Agile leadership coach and SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC)

Bent Jensen is a pioneer in applying agile methods in Denmark and has been leading agile teams since 2000.  For the last ten years, Bent has been coaching and mentoring leaders and organizations to achieve the benefits of lean and agile thinking and methods, with clients in Denmark and internationally. He has assisted a large number and companies with transformation programmes and supported Enterprises in their transformation to an Agile and Lean approach. Bent has always been focused on the intersection between self-organization and management between efficient development and innovation and how to push the methods to their limits.

Email: Phone: +45 60822111


Academy Events – Experience and Event Designer

Rikke Myung is the go-to person if you need a little extra magical Academy-touch on your next event. Rikke is a driven visualizer, who has a keen eye for aesthetics and a holistic approach to creating a comfortable and creative working atmosphere. With an educational background in Performance Design and Digital Design and Communication, Rikke combines her practical experience in the service industry to make our events and psychical environment a memorable experience. She is also a part of the daily operations with the other Rikke.



Academy Events – Sale and Administration

Rikke Veng is the first person you get in contact with when registering for a class or a meetup at BestBrains Academy. Besides, providing excellent service, Rikke’s ambition is to create and support an ideal environment for learning. – A place where people like to come, engage, and have fun. Many years of experience in the restaurant business, combined with an MSc. from IT University, gives Rikke a solid foundation for organizing and running events. 

Email:    Main Number: +45 71992872


Enterprise Lean/Agile trainer, coach and SAFe® Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) 

Carl Starendal is an experienced Lean-Agile leader, having worked directly as an SPCT for Scaled Agile, the creators of the Scaled Agile Framework® as well as having years of hands-on experience as an important part of several multinational Lean-Agile transformations across a diverse range of industries. He frequently speaks about leadership and Lean-Agile transformations and is a highly regarded trainer and facilitator having trained 1000+ leaders and managers over the years. Carl is also one of the key contributors to the SAFe RTE certification course and an official contributor to the SAFe Framework.



Agile coach and SAFe® Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT)

Tomas Eilsø is a skilled trainer, consultant and agile coach. He spends most of his time helping large organizations get the full benefits of agile, using different scaling approaches such as the scaled agile framework. Like Jeff Sutherland got inspired to create Scrum from his experience with high-performance teams as a fighter pilot, Tomas also flew as an F-16 fighter pilot for six years. Tomas has furthermore started several successful technology startups, one of which currently builds the next-generation combat flight simulators for the Danish Airforce – of course using agile.




Agile coach and SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) 

Torben Olsen is an experienced business consultant and agile coach who has worked in several large Lean-agile transformation programs.

Torben  has long experience and in-depth knowledge of working with large teams, helping them transform into high-performing teams with a focus on continuous improvement. Torben is a kind and friendly person, passionate about his work, who is also an excellent facilitator and educator. Torben is primarily focused on the challenges with bridging between business and IT in large companies, helping companies exploit Lean Portfolio Management to align strategy and execution.



Management Consultant and SAFe® Programme Consultant (SPC)

Søren Grundtvig Westh is a senior management consultant that has delivered IT-driven business optimization for more than 20 years.

Being competent, calm and open-minded, people like to work with Søren, and he wants to help people work as teams, to get the essential and challenging stuff done right away.
Søren is focused, structured, hands-on and hard-working. He is an excellent observer and facilitator that quickly captures what the challenges are and what the solutions might be.  Søren can operate as an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Requirements Specialist, Business Analyst, Project Manager.


Agile coach and visual practitioner

Yuri Malishenko is Academy’s Agile Cartoonist. He is working with software development teams and organizations to help them achieve business agility. He contributes to that by providing leadership and coaching the visual way.

Yuri has recently published the workbook on essentials of visual language that helps newcomers get quickly into the magic world of visual thinking. Follow his Facebook page to learn more about similar courses and keep up to date with the most recent publications on the topic.



Technical developer 

Kristian Dupont has been developing software using lean and agile methodologies for more than 15 years.

He has been consulting as a developer and a teacher/trainer for large companies but has a special love for startups where agility is a matter of life and death for the company and not just an admirable but perhaps slightly utopian goal. Kristian has solid experience with the technical and practical aspects of DevOps, continuous integration and deployment.



Transformation/Agile coach and SAFe® Programme Consultant (SPC)

With extensive experience in working with team development, Finn Leander has been doing coaching for leaders and teams -both newly formed as well as high-performing teams, in massive Agile transformations for years. He has designed several workshops and courses and has been facilitating a large number of training sessions, focusing on team development. In addition to that, Finn has worked extensively with management teams and the processes and preconditions it takes to build the most efficient groups of leaders. 



Agile Architect and SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC)
Bo Thomsen is an experienced IT architect with both deep and broad knowledge of developing and delivering IT solutions.

Bo has experience in many different contexts from public to private sectors and from business analysis, over integration architecture to internal technical solutions.
Despite his no-nonsense and practical nature, Bo has become convinced of the benefits of Scaled Agile and wants to help people and organisations adopt practices around architecture that will support business and IT alignment and provide value at a sustainable pace.

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