What is agile? What does it mean to “be agile?” How do we go SAFe?

We, at BestBrains Academy, always love to share our experiences and thoughts on agile methodology – Here you find a selection of blog posts, podcasts, videos and agile posters for free download

Vejen til det Højtydende Team

Stort tak til Finn Leander for at give inspiration og tanker omkring Højtydende teams. Download slides og få mere viden omkring hvordan du kan arbejde med dit team.

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Don and I

If you are currently working with Agile and Lean methods and maybe aren’t getting exactly the results you had hoped for, Don Reinertsen’s book “The Principles of Product Development Flow” will help you understand why, and how to improve results.

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SAFe – An introduction to Scaled Agile Framework

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has made its victory around the world. SAFe provides a well-defined set of values, principles and practices which can be adopted enterprise-wide to better address scaling agile in big enterprises. Get your introduction to SAFe with this blogpost.

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Don Reinertsen, batch sizes & WIP limits

During October we will at Bestrains Academy be hosting the Don Reinertsen two-day masterclass called “Achieving Product Development Flow” in Stockholm and Copenhagen. The workshop covers the ideas contained in his bestselling book, “The Principles of Product Development Flow”.

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Agilpodden och SAFe

Carl Starendal is talking to the hosts Dick och Erik from Agilepodden about the framework SAFe and how to use it pragmatically to create more value in organizations.

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Agile for Project Managers – Still puzzled about what it means?

To effectively support organisations in becoming increasingly agile it is crucial that classic project managers understand how to use their skills and competencies in an agile manner. In this blog post, Safe Journey gives an example of how you can map classic project management concepts to Agile principles.

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The big deal about small stuff ?

Waterfall and agile look at the economics of batch sizes from two conflicting paradigms and come to very different conclusions. In this blog post. Tomas Eilsø explores why some struggles with the agile paradigm of small batches.

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How to improve your meetings as a Scrum Master

In organisations that are settled and mature about meetings and their purposes, meetings are a useful and productive activity and not an energy-intensive business. Is it time to change the meeting culture in your organisation?

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